REKO Productions Cardgames Deluxe  v.6 1

This is a complete rebuild of the game with full card scaling capability. All games can be played on any resolution! Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 tested.

Rasche's Kartenspiele/Cardgames  v.1.0.1

Rasche's Kartenspiele is a combination of all of our games into one so that you can try out all of the various versions.



OCTGN is software created by fans that essentially allows you to play cardgames, with full graphics for all the cards, for free online. With OCTGN, up to four players can play online at once, and sealed & draft deck games are possible.

Fun-Towers  v.

Fun-Towers is a cardgame patience variant for young and old.

Bjoern Wuest  v.20020627.alpha.0.1.2

Server-side framework to create cardgames of various types.

Tri-Towers  v.

The cardgame Tri-Towers is a popular cardgame. for young and old.

Solitaires  v.7.0

Solitaires is a very large collection of solitaire card games. The current version (7.0) is made up of 385 different solitaires, including all the traditional ones and many that appear for the first time in a computer game.

Superfruit  v.

The program simulates a one-armed bandit with many options and winning possibilities like: one armed bandit Win Spin, Mystery, Nudge, Skill-Climb, Cash Stop, Jackpot, with 3 wheels, payoff repeat feature, Auto-Hold.

Infinite Patience  v.2 3

Infinite Patience is a program that packs forty-five solitaire card games.

Hightolow  v.1.0

HighToLow is a solitaire cardgame. The goal of this game is to clear a cardfield of 48 cards with four playing/sparecards. To accomplish that you must predict wether the next card you choose from the cardfield will be Higher,Draw,Lower.

Sieben  v.2.1.222

If you thought that card games are something for the olds among us, then try that! Sieben (Seven) is a simple, groovy, easy to learn and network-compatible card game with voice transmission (VoIP) and account to a game server. You play in

Solitaire 6  v.1.1

Play Solitaire online with players from all around the world.

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